Mukago rice

"Mukago" are small shoots sprouting from the stems of Japanese yam leaves, and rice cooked with them is called "Mukago rice". It is made by cooking Mukago, kelp, soy sauce or salt, sake and such with white rice, and is seasoned to the taste of each family. Mukago tastes a lot like Japanese yam and is fairly mild. Although it can be eaten raw, a more aromatic taste can be enjoyed by cooking it.
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Road Station Oba-chan-ichi Yamaoka
Yamaoka-cho, Ena City

Address1565-169 Yamaokacho-Tashiro, Ena City
Phone Number0573-59-0051
Opening Hour9:00~17:00/ 9:00~18:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays from March to October)
HolidayDecember 29 to January 1
Parking Capacity70 cars
Access Approx. 15 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway "Mizunami IC"
Warm and tasty, Mukago rice with an enjoyable flavor
"Mukago Gohan Set Meal" featuring Mukago rice cooked with Mukago, a locally-harvested type of Japanese yam which has a strong viscosity, is a popular item on the menu, so good that it has repeat customers. Enjoy the texture of Mukago and the subtle scent of Japanese yam to your hearts' content.
Service periodNovember to March
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