Kanboshi daikon (Japanese radish dried in cold weather) dishes

Japanese radish is cut into round slices, then skewered and dried in front of houses at the edge of eaves. The water content in the radish freezes during the night and is melted and drained during the daytime. Repeating this process for many days, the natural taste and sweetness of the radish are richly condensed. "Kanboshi Daikon of Okuhida Yamanomura" was certified as a "Real Original Product of Locality (Homba no Honmono)" in 2013 by the Japan Food Industry Association and introduced at the Milano Expo in 2015. In 2017, it was registered under Geographical Indication (GI) Law.

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A traditional taste aged by the freezing of the severe winter
"Kashi Daikon" condenses the natural taste of Yamanomura at an altitude of 1,000 m traditionally transmitted to the Hida region. Japanise radish is cut into round slices and boil in a cauldron,then skewered and dried in the cold. Because the taste is easy to soak up, it can be used for various dishes such as simmered dishes, sukiyaki, salads, gratin, etc.
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Boiled Japanese white radish dried in the cold recipe
Ingredients :

(serves 6〜8)
・50g japanese white radish dried in the cold
・1l broth with stock
・Soy sauce:Suitable amount


①Soak a Japanese white radish in warm water and boil it in broth with stock.

②Cook for another 20 minutes while adjusting the taste with soy sauce.

The recipe source:Suzushiro Group

※Recipes vary by region and family.