Funa miso (fish cooked with miso)

In the Seino region endowed with rich resources from the Kiso Three Rivers, there have been a variety of recipes for river fish since a long time ago. One of them is "funa miso" in which lightly grilled crucian carps are boiled with miso paste, sugar, soy beans and so on, which then serves as a preserved food in winter time. The meat and bones of thoroughly stewed fish become tender and come apart easily, making them perfect to be enjoyed as a side dish or relish for a meal or sake.

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The winter blessing that is soy bean, miso and crucian carp to be savored appreciatively in winter
Funa miso we offer is a popular item liked by all kinds of people due to its softness even to the bones of crucian carp in it. This food is originally made by mothers in households to be served a number of times in winter. Its unique flavor makes it a good side dish for steamy rice.
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Flavor of mame miso, taste of mom's cooking, remembered in nostalgia
"Kawaji Shoten" is a local river fish wholesaler famous for its broiled eels fresh from well water and cooked after receiving an order, finished with a matured sauce. They serve delicious Funa miso using crucian carp in various shapes from autumn to spring. You should really try them if you haven't.
Service periodFrom early November to late March
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<Messages from the Staff> We offer you traditional tastes of our moms' and grandmas' cooking.
Funa miso recipe
Ingredients :

(serves 4)
・1 crucian carp (medium size)
・50g soybeans
・100g soybean miso (paste)
・100g zarame (granulated sugar)
・20g sake


①Remove the crucian carp’s scales and organs, wash the carp thoroughly, and grill it without seasoning.

②Add soybeans soaked in water, the carp grilled in ①, and water in a pot, simmer for a long time, and remove scum from the water.

③Add soybean miso, sake, and zarame, and stew them over a low flame.
Stew until the miso melts to a pulp while moving the pot so that the miso does not burn.

The recipe source:Gifu Prefecture School Dietician Association

※Recipes vary by region and family.