Nezushi (fermented sushi)

"Nezushi," - a traditional dish of the Hida and Okumino regions - is prepared from malted rice and trout mixed with radish, carrot, etc., which is then left for fermentation for a half month. This flavorful dish has been offered and enjoyed as a new year delicacy since long ago.

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Natural Food Inn, Airi
Meiho, Gujo City

Address1008 Meiho-Hatasa, Gujo City[Map
Phone Number0575-87-2400
Opening Hour11:00~14:00 (meals only) / 19:00~21:00 (reservation required)
Nezushi is from mid-December to the end of March. (reservation required)
Parking Capacity15 cars
Access Approx. 20 minutes by car from Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway "Gujo-Hachiman IC"
No "fermented" varieties can beat "Nezushi"
Nezushi of Airi is served from the middle of winter to the springtime. Malted rice is used generously for an extended fermentation period while the extracted water is manually removed to enhance the taste. The Nezushi hand-made by the landlady is an excellent choice having a captivating sweet and sour flavor.
Service periodFrom mid-December to late March
Please call us to confirm and make a reservation.
<Messages from the Staff> We are determined to preserve and offer the taste of our locality.

Road Station Miki no Sato, Sanmaze Kobo
Maze, Gero City

Address1447-1 Maze-Nishimura, Gero City[Map
Phone Number0576-47-2133
Opening Hour9:00~16:00 ( April〜December)/ 9:00~15:00 (January〜March)
HolidayIrregular holidays (during January and February, open only on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)
Parking Capacity26 cars
Access Approx. 20 minutes by car from JR Takayama Main Line "Hida-Hagiwara Station"
Fresh flavor from lactic acid bacteria, served only December to February
Nezushi is one of the food items which are not made so often in households due to the changing dietary trends. Sanmaze Kobo use local ingredients produced in Maze only. Their "Nezushi" has a lighter taste than usual, so that the first-timers can try it casually.
Service periodFrom mid-December to late February
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> Our desire is to preserve the dwindling local dishes and hand them down to generations to come. Try our food with sake in a new year celebration.
Nezushi recipe
Ingredients :

(serves 4)
・120g daikon radish
・16g carrot
・A small amount of ginger
・50g koji (A kind of mold on boiled rice)
・100g rice
・56g salted trout
・A dash salt


①Remove the salted trout’s bones and chop it finely. Mince a piece of ginger.

②Cut Japanese white radish and carrots into fine strips and rub them with salt.

③Boil rice normally, cool it down a little, and then mix with koji.

④Mix ①, ②, and ③. Let it sit for about 2 weeks before eating.

The recipe source:Gifu Prefecture School Dietician Association

※Recipes vary by region and family.