Pickled aka datsu (pickles)

"Datsu" refers to the stem of taro, while red datsu is "aka datsu." It is harvested in autumn. When it is pickled, its color changes to a bright red and it has a refreshing sour taste and crispy texture.

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Pickles evolve to become "even more delicious than last year" every autumn
Many customers return every year to enjoy the pickles, but still the producers are not yet satisifed. They are working daily to provide an even better taste to the customers. You should taste that food as it evolves daily.
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Pickled aka datsu recipe
Ingredients :

(serves 4)
・3 red taro leafstalks
・2/3 cup vinegar
・1/3 mirin
・A dash salt


①Remove the stripes of red taro leafstalks, sprinkle salt on and rub them to remove the harshness, and wash them with water. After boiling, cut them into strips.

②Cook and cool vinegar (vinegar and mirin (sweet sake used as seasoning)) once and mix it with taro stems.

The recipe source:Gifu Prefecture Health Promotion Member’s Club

※Recipes vary by region and family.