A local traditional cuisine, in which pale chub (Oikawa in Japanese) - small fish that swim in the crystal-clear water of the Nagara River basin - are cooked in soy sauce, sugar, mirin and ginger and made into kanroni.
The name "Ikadabae" is said to derive from how the people described the schools of pale chub that often gathered under the timbers tied together in rafts at the mooring point for timber transportation around the mid-stream of Nagara River during winter.
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Kadokuwa Shoten
Honmachi , Seki City

AddressHonmachi 8-36, Seki City
Phone Number0575-22-0556
H   P
Opening Hour8:30~19:00
Parking Capacity4 cars
Access Approx. 10 minutes by car from Seki I.C. of Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway
Approx. 1 minute's walk from Gifu Bus Sakaemachi 1-chome
The river's bounty, nourished by the clear stream; a nostalgic, yet new taste
One of the few stores which offer "Ikadabae", a local specialty tsukudani made by cooking the rare, seldom-caught pale chub in a thick soy sauce. This store cooks it the old-fashioned way: without using chemical seasonings or frozen fish, in order to maintain the taste and freshness. The ginger used to give the dish a kick brings out the taste and flavor, making the dish very satisfying to the taste buds.
Service periodDecember to February
Please check by phone.
<Messages from the Staff> We cook pale chub (Oikawa) caught in the cold season in winter using the old-fashioned method, from scratch and with no additives.