Karasumi (sweets)

This sweet is made by kneading rice with sugar, brown sugar, mugwort or walnuts and steaming it. It has been used as an offering for the Dolls Festival (on March 3rd) and as an everyday sweet in the Tono Region. "Karasumi (dried, smoked mullet roe)," a delicacy representing fertility, was a luxury in this area located far away from the sea. Tradition says that this sweet item gradually replaced the expensive karasumi and began to be called such due to the resemblance.

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A sticky texture enjoyed in a variety of choices
They carefully choose rice powder and ingredients which are procured locally and serve a variety of dishes. Enjoy the texture which is elastic, soft and sticky with a flavor of your choice. When it becomes hard, microwave it to enjoy it with the original freshness.
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The taste of mum's cooking with a mountain-shape cut and a sticky texture
Its unique character is found in the strongly elastic texture. "Karasumi" prepared with the traditional recipe without any additives reminds us of the nostalgic taste of ones hometown. It comes with a variety of seasoning tastes, such as newly produced sake lee taste, standard brown sugar, mugwort, or seasonal cherry-blossom, citron and so on.
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Karasumi recipe
Ingredients :

(For three pieces)
・330g rice flour (coarsely ground)
・300cc boiled water
・【Yomogi-no-karasumi (A sweet with mugwort added, imitating a dried mullet roe)】130g mugwort
・【Yomogi-no-karasumi (A sweet with mugwort added, imitating a dried mullet roe)】100g sugar
・【Yomogi-no-karasumi (A sweet with mugwort added, imitating a dried mullet roe)】A dash salt
・【White karasumi】100g sugar
・【White karasumi】A dash salt
・【Karasumi with brown sugar】100g brown sugar
・【Karasumi with brown sugar】A dash salt


①Pour boiling water into rice flour, stir quickly evenly, and steam it in a steamer for 30 minutes.

②Divide ① into three equal parts, divide each ingredient to add about four times, and knead the dough until it becomes shiny and not sticky.

③Divide ② into three equal parts to form a shape.
(※If there is no mold, place a stick-shaped dough on bamboo sheath and press it from above with chopsticks to form the shape.)

④Steam it in a steamer for 5 minutes.After it cools, cut it and eat.

The recipe source:Ena City Diet Improvement Liaison Council

※Recipes vary by region and family.