"Gozzo" is waiting for you with the best and most unique tastes of Gifu Prefecture. Clean waters springing from the high, beautiful mountains nourish the forests and fields and eventually flow into the spacious plains.
The cuisine and agricultural products of Gifu nurtured by this rich nature and the unique food culture are all gems sparkling with distinctive and attractive characters.
Why not experience that ultimate "Gozzo" in Hida and Mino.

Local dishes of Gifu Prefecture

The delicious hospitality of Hida and Mino nurtured by their materials, expertise, history and climate
From traditional dishes developed with nature's blessing and ancestors' wisdom to local gourmet dishes created as new attractions to draw an increasing number of visitors.
Gifu is richly endowed with a number of masterpiece foods unique to each region.
They captivate visitors to first "try once" and then "try again" while committing locals to "preserve the tradition for future generations" with pride and devotion.
We gladly introduce you to such fine tastes.

Traditional Vegetables of Hida / Mino

Invaluable blessings nurtured by the climate and people of Gifu throughout history
A number of traditional vegetables have been cultivated in Gifu along with its regional food culture through utilization of its rich nature and diverse geography.
"Traditional Vegetables of Hida / Mino" is a certification given by the prefecture to such characteristic vegetables and fruits that have been carefully preserved and cultivated in each region.
The local cuisine maximizes the unique character and taste of those products.
We are happy to introduce to you their attractions that can be found only in Gifu.
"Traditional Vegetables of Hida / Mino" are certified by Gifu Prefecture as meeting the designated criteria for each variety of characteristic vegetables and fruits which have been traditionally cultivated in Gifu Prefecture. (Currently 32 varieties)

1. Cultivated mainly in Gifu Prefecture
2. Characteristic of the climate of Gifu Prefecture
3. Cultivated since long ago (before 1945) and settled in the localities

Indication of Certification
Indication of Certification

Labelling system of "Hida / Mino Traditional Vegetables"
The certification label of "Hida / Mino Traditional Vegetables" can be attached to the certified vegetables and their processed products.
If you see a labeled product in a shop, please give it a look!

Morning Markets / Farmers' Markets

There are over 150 "Morning Markets / Farmers' Markets" in Gifu Prefecture where you can purchase freshly harvested agricultural products grown by and traditional food items cooked heartily by local residents.
We introduce you to those markets found in five regions.
List of Morning Markets / Farmers' Markets
Morning Markets / Farmers' Markets