Myouga bochi (sweets)

This is a mochi sweet made of broad bean paste wrapped with wheat dough and steamed in leaves of myouga, or Japanese wild ginger. It is known as a seasonal delicacy of the early summer in the Mino region when in a leisure period for farming. This simple local food is characterized by the flavor of myouga leaves permeating the mochi cake.

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Kitagata Town, Motosu County

Address1-50-2 Shiraki, Takaya, Kitagata Town, Motosu County[Map
Phone Number058-323-3035
Opening Hour9:00~18:30
HolidayThursdays and third Wednesday(open if a national holiday falls on Thursday or third Wednesday)
Parking Capacity13 cars
Access Approx. 30 minutes by car from Meishin Expressway "Gifu-Hashima IC"
"Original myouga bochi", a seasonal reminder for locals
Residents in around Motosu County used to have a custom of eating "Myouga bochi" as a snack in break times during their field work. We began producing and offering this dish as traditional sweets of the region in 1965. Enjoy the combined taste of Japanese wild ginger leaves and home-made bean paste made from broad beans.
Service periodFrom late May to early October(Until the leaves of myoga are gone)
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> Customers call us around April asking "have you starting serving Myouga bochi"? We value the taste of old-fashioned traditions.

Suehiroya Honten
Shimo-Shikke, Gifu City

Address383-1 Shimo-Shikke, Gifu City[Map
Phone Number058-239-2512
Opening Hour8:30~19:00
Parking Capacity8 cars
Access At the corner of Shimoshikke-West junction, located west of Shikke Bridge on National Route 157
A short walk toward west from Gifu Bus "Shimo-Shikke" bus stop
Summer doesn't come unless you eat it, served only June to September
We started making this dish with the desire to familiarize more and more people with our favorite local food "Myouga bochi". We leave part of the broad beans unpounded to allow its taste to characterize the cake with an enhanced flavor. It provided somewhat nostalgic, relaxing taste of Japanese countryside.
Service periodFrom early June to late September
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> Please call us to check if "Myouga bochi" is available before your visit due to limited daily production. We also accept reservations.
Myouga bochi recipe
Ingredients :

(For 4 people:About 8 pieces)
・【Paste】90g broad beans
・【Paste】50g sugar
・【Paste】A dash salt
・【Paste】170㏄ water
・【Paste】Myoga (Japanese ginger) leaves:suitable amount
・【Coating】120g wheat flour
・【Coating】10g sugar
・【Coating】A dash salt
・【Coating】20㏄ water


①Wash the broad beans thoroughly and soak them in 170-cc water for 3 hours.

②Put them on fire until boiling.

③Pour the broad beans into a perforated strainer, wash them, pour new water, and simmer them over medium flame until they become soft. (About 20 minutes) Add water if there is not enough.

④Add sugar and cook over low flame until you can see the bottom of the pot. Add a little salt before turning off the heat.

⑤When it cools, roll it. (Approx. 25 g)

⑥Add sugar and salt to wheat flour and mix them well.

⑦Add boiled 20-cc water to them gradually and knead them. It is best to raise the kneaded dough for about 30 minutes to make coatings after kneading it.

⑧Take the kneaded dough (about 25 g) on your palm and spread it out, put the bean paste on it, and wrap it.

⑨Wrap it in a myoga leaf and steam it in a steamer for 8 to 9 minutes.

The recipe source:Gifu Prefecture School Dietician Association

※Recipes vary by region and family.