New Year’s Eve gozzo

New Year's Eve gozzo is made in a large pot, warmed up and eaten many times from New Year's Eve through the first three days of the new year. This dish is still cherished as a holiday staple by families in the Chuno, Tono, and Hida regions. Different regions and families put in different vegetables, cut them differently, and use different dashi, but ito kombu (thin, string-like kombu kelp) is always included in all regions, with the hope of living a long, stable life.

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New Year's Eve gozzo recipe
Ingredients :

(serves 4)

・200g daikon radish (cut into chunks)

・60g carrot (cut into chunks)

・40g burdock root (cut into rectangles)

・80g taro (cut into chunks)

・60g konjac block(cut into chunks)

・20g deep-fried tofu (cut into large pieces)

・12g ito kombu

・80g firm tofu (cut into large rectangles)

・10g dried baby sardines

・480g water

・20g soy sauce

・8g refined sake

・8g genuine mirin


①Booil the konjac block and put the dried baby sardines in water to make stock.

②Add the stock to a pot. Then, evenly distribute the burdock root around the pot and add the daikon radish, carrot, taro, konjac block, and deep-fried tofu. Next, evenly distribute the ito kombu on top.

③Evenly distribute the tofu on top of the kombu, add the seasonings, and let it simmer.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, “Our Local Cuisine”