Kuri kinton (chesutnut sweets)

Tono Region is called "town of chestnut sweets," of which kuri kinton (sweetened chestnut) is the most famous. Chestnut is steamed first and boiled with sugar and then shaped in the shape of a chestnut with a wrinkled tea napkin. A wide variety of kuri kinton can be enjoyed as the sweetness, texture and shape differ from maker to maker.

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Ena City Toursit Shop Ena Terrace
Oi-cho, Ena City

Address286-25 Oi-cho, Ena City[Map
Phone Number0573-25-4058
Opening Hour9:00~18:00
HolidayYear-end and New Year Holidays
Parking CapacityPlease park your car at Ena Station West Parking (free of charge for first 1.5 hour).
Access Approx. 5 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway "Ena IC"
A short walk from JR Chuo Main Line "Ena Station"
"Kuri Kurabe Set (various kinds of chestnut sweets)" for enjoying the unique variety
Ena City hosts a lot of shops offering chestnut sweets called kuri kinton. "Kuri Kurabe Set (various kinds of chestnut sweets)" is a tourist service scheme to try, compare and enjoy the variety of tastes, textures, etc. Many visitors stop by here as they cannot enjoy the tastes of various different chestnut makers elsewhere.
Service period"Kuri Kurabe Set (various kinds of chestnut sweets)" available from early September to mid-November
Please call us to confirm
<Messages from the Staff> Enjoy the best of famous makers and taste the autumn blessing of Ena.

Sakae-machi, Nakatsugawa City

Address(Nigiwai Plaza 1F)
1-1 Sakae-machi, Nakatsugawa City[Map
Phone Number0573-62-2277
Opening Hour8:30~18:00
HolidayDecember 29 to January 3 and 3rd Sunday in February
Parking CapacityNot available (Please park your car at Nakatsugawa Station Municipal Parking.)
Access Approx. 14 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway "Nakatsugawa IC"
In front of JR Chuo Main Line "Nakatsugawa Station"
"Nakatsugawa Kuri Kinton Meguri Set (Assorted Chestnut Sweets)" to enjoy tastes from various shops
We have good news for "kuri kinton" fans wishing to eat different shops' chestnut sweets. Japanese sweets makers in Nakatsugawa City have pride in their kuri kinton. "Kuri Kinton Meguri Set (Assorted Chestnut Sweets)" is a collection from the various local makers, a collaborative product of these competitors but sweets friends.
Service periodFrom early September to early December
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> We are waiting for your visits with selected local products from Nakatsugawa City.
Kuri kinton recipe
Ingredients :

(for 30 pieces)
・1kg raw chestnuts
・300g sugar
・A dash salt


①Boil the chestnuts. Take out the insides of the boiled chestnuts while they are hot. Remove radicles and blackened areas carefully.

②Add sugar and a little salt to ①, heat them up in the microwave and let them blend.

③Heat a thick pot, put ② into the pot, and knead it carefully over low flame until it burns a little.

④Wrap the kneaded dough in plastic wrap and stretch it into a stick shape.

⑤Remove the plastic wrap from the stick-shaped dough and cut the dough into round slices of about 30 g.

⑥Shape the dough into round pieces so that they are easy to squeeze.

⑦Wrap the rounded dough in a damp cloth and squeeze it into the shape of the cloth.

The recipe source:Nakatsugawa Tourism Association

※Recipes vary by region and family.