Kuri okowa (sticky rice with chestnut)

Kuri okowa (sticky rice with chestnut) is prepared in areas where chestnuts can be harvested in the autumn by steaming them with sticky rice and azuki beans. This dish is widely liked for the subtle sweetness of steaming-hot chestnut and sticky, fluffy rice. Its aesthetic also entertains those who eat it with the rice colored by the beans and the vivid seasonal colors of the chestnut.
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Temahima group food shop
Shirakawa Town, Kamo County

Address3500 Kato, Shirakawa Town, Kamo County[Map
Phone Number0574-75-2265
Opening Hour8:00~17:00(March to December)/9:00~16:30(January to February)
HolidayYear-end and New Year Holidays
Parking CapacityPark at "Yoiichi 41 Mino-Shirakawa" Parking.
Access Shop located along National Route 41, inside "Yoiichi 41 Mino-Shirakawa".Approx 1 minute walk from Nohi Bus Sami Line "Washihara" bus stop
*Bus service operated only few in a day.
A superb dish freshly cooked in the morning
The item has been a standard product since our opening as a local food using local sticky rice and chestnut. We endeavor to offer the item all year round by preserving the color of chestnut harvested in autumn and using our expertise to steam it while avoiding making it too hard.
Service periodAll year round
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> We deliver dishes created from the clean air, water and warm heart of Mino-Shirakawa.

Okowa and bakery
Oi-cho, Ena City

Address2194 Hara, Oi-cho, Ena City (at Enakyo SA, outbound)[Map
Phone Number0573-26-3151
Opening Hour8:00~19:00
HolidayNo holidays
Parking Capacity234 cars
Access Enter from Chuo Expressway (Outbound Line) or visit via plat park.
A unique dish with an excellent combination of sweet chestnut and salty sticky rice
This is a local food item of the Ena Region, using large-size chestnuts and sticky rice from Ena, seasoning it with salt, sugar and sake and steaming it to become fluffy and sticky. We dip chestnuts in salty water to remove bitterness before cooking. Natural sweetness produces unique taste together with the salty rice.
Service periodAll year round
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> Our elderly customers love our dishes, and we are sure young people will also. Come and give them a try!