Misogi dango (dumpling)

This traditional treat of Hashima City is prepared by skewering dango balls made of rice powder dough wrapping bean paste and baking the skewer with a sauce made of red miso paste and sugar. It has been believed that those who eat this dumpling at Shinto ritual called "Misogi (whereby defilement is purified and prayers are offered for health and safety)" in June every year would live the remaining half year in good health. This custom has been practiced since old times.

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The deep taste of an elaborate double baking finish
Rice power dumpling containing strained bean paste is grilled once and then again with semi-sweet red miso paste applied on it. This process helps the dumpling and miso to be matched to enhance the taste. It is served only from April to end of August. Many costumers return to enjoy it each year.
Service periodFrom April to eng of August
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Misogi dango recipe
Ingredients :

(serves 4)
・4 misogi (purification) dumplings
・【A】10g soybean miso (paste)
・【A】5g white sesame
・【A】8g chuzarato (coarse crystal medium soft sugar)
・【A】5g true mirin (sweet sake used as seasoning)
・【A】10g japanese sake


①Boil【A】in a pot to make miso-based source.

②Apply the sauce in ① on the surface of the misogi dumplings.

③Bake the dumplings in ② until they turn brown.

The recipe source:Gifu Prefecture School Dietician Association

※Recipes vary by region and family.