Tama (ball) miso

"Tama miso" paste is a traditional miso variation, made from soy beans which is boiled, pounded and shaped into balls to be dried, with salt, malted rice and water added to it and then matured for a number of years. "Tama miso", a tradition of the Mugi area of Seki city, is made from balls of soy beans which are steamed, pounded and rolled into ball shape, which are hung and dried, and then dipped into soy sauce or malted rice for about 8 months. They are mixed with Japanese leeks, bonito broth or ginger to be enjoyed with rice or used as a spice.
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Yamakoshi Agricultural Production Processing / Yamakoshi Farm
Chishima-machi, Takayama City

Address342 Chishima-machi, Takayama City[Map
Phone Number0577-32-8054
Opening Hour7:00~12:00 (Selling at home in the afternoon)
HolidayNo holidays
Parking CapacityPlease park your car at nearby Municipal Parking.
Access Approx. 10 minutes walk from JR Takayama Main Line "Takayama Station"
Using 100% domestic soy beans, fermented for 3 years in home-made malted rice
We have been making miso paste for about 100 years. Our long-time customers enjoy the rich flavor and deep taste of the miso made from the carefully selected ingredients, amount of salt and methods of steaming. Applying pressure before packing enhances the mild finish.
Service periodAll year round
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> You can make authentic, flavorful miso soup from it. It's something you must try at least once.

Road Station Heisei Furusato
Shimonoho, Seki City

Address2503-2 Shimonoho, Seki City[Map
Phone Number0575-49-3750
Opening Hour9:00~18:00 (March to October) / 9:00~17:00 (November to February)
HolidayDecember 30~January 1, and irregular holidays twice a year
Parking Capacity150 cars
Access Approx. 15 minutes by car from Tokai-Kanjo Expressway "Tomika-Seki IC"
That beloved salty bitterness goes well with steaming rice
This is a traditional preserved food of Seki City. Steamed soy beans are pounded, formed into a donut shape, a few of them strung up with a straw rope, dried for two months, cleaned with water and pickled in soy sauce and malted rice. It can be enjoyed as a cooking spice, with steamed rice, boiled rice with tea or as a snack for sake.
Service periodAll year round
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> We carry on making our dwindling tradition "tamamiso". Enjoy our "shitake" mushroom snacks also.