Arame-maki rolls of crucian carp

The Seino region nurtured by the Kiso Three Rivers has long enjoyed an abundant range of river fish cuisine. The Arame-maki rolls of crucian carp, which are rolls of crucian carp wrapped in arame (a kind of seaweed), is a dish still popular and much-loved in the community to this day. The rolls are seasoned to a salty-sweet, elegant taste with miso, soy sauce, sugar, sake, etc. They make the perfect accompaniment for rice and alcoholic drinks.
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Kanezen Outlet
Kaizu-cho, Kaizu City

AddressTakasu 525, Kaizu-cho, Kaizu City
Phone Number0584-53-0337
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Opening Hour9:00~17:30 (May to October) / 9:00~17:00 (November to February)
HolidayTuesdays and the third Wednesday of the month
Parking Capacity7 cars
Access Approx. 20 minutes by car from Gifu-Hashima I.C. of Meishin Expressway
A traditional cuisine to decorate a special day; a legacy to be passed on to future generations
Crucian carp is grilled until aromatically roasted, then carefully wrapped with arame one by one, and the rolls are cooked until tender. The rolls are seasoned simply with just soy sauce and sugar; they have a soft taste and are easy to eat. "Arame-maki rolls" are now hardly ever made at home. Why not try them here?
Service periodAll year round
Please check by phone.
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