Kasuga cucumber

These cucumbers are grown in the Kasuga area of Ibigawa Town, to which they are native. Unlike regular cucumbers, Kasuga cucumbers are thick and short. The younger cucumbers are green and used to make pickles and other such foods. As they ripen, they turn anywhere from yellow to orange, and these are unique in that they're often eaten cooked.
〇Main cultivation area
Ibigawa Town (former Kasuga Village)
〇Harvest period
July to September
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Kasuga Morimori-mura Refresh-kan
Ibigawa Town, Ibi County

Address3429 Kasuga-Rokugo, Ibigawa Town, Ibi County[Map
Phone Number0585-58-0001
Opening Hour10:00~21:00
HolidayWednesdays (or following day if a national holiday falls on Wednesday)
Parking Capacity40 cars
Access Approx. 30 minutes by car from Tokai-Kanjo Expressway "Ono-godo IC"
Approx. 25 minutes by community bus from "Ibi Station" of Yoro Railway
They're simply huge! These rare cucumbers are thick and soft inside, and they cook up amazingly well.
They have a thicker flesh than regular cucumbers, along with a lighter flavor and less of a grassy smell.
The young and unripe ones are delicious raw, if you thinly slice them for vinegared or pickled dishes, for example. However, we recommend cooking the ripe yellow ones in heat to bring out their surprisingly soft texture. Try them in a stew or stir-fry!
Service periodFrom July to September
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> We sell locally grown seasonal vegetables including precious Kasuga cucumbers, which are generally grown by families as their own food.
Please come take a look.

Kissho Robata, Japanese Restaurant at Gifu Grand Hotel
Nagara, Gifu City

Address648 Nagara, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture (near the Nagara River)[Map
Phone Number058-233-1125
Opening Hour17:00~22:00 (Last orders: 20:30 [courses] / 21:30 [single dishes])
Note: The Japanese restaurant Kissho serves lunch from 11:30~14:30(Lo.13:30) and dinner from 17:00~21:00(Lo.19:30)
HolidayTuesdays (open if it's a national holiday)
Parking Capacity250 cars
Access Approx. 15 minutes by car from Meitetsu Gifu Station or JR Gifu Station
※A free shuttle bus is also available
Raw, dried, and cooked!
These fresh dishes will bring out your appetite and give you a taste of summer.
Crisp, dense Kasuga cucumbers have a great crunch, and these dishes featuring raw ones both dried and pickled in miso really bring out their flavor.
In the third dish, they're cooked until soft so they really absorb the dashi stock they're boiled with, which adds even more deliciousness.
These three dishes—featuring Kasuga cucumber spiralized, pickled in miso, and boiled in a special process called "hisui-ni" that's meant to make the dish a jade color—truly take advantage of the cucumbers' best attributes. Pair them with a cold glass of Gifu sake!
Service periodAvailable around July and August
<Messages from the Staff> Locals love our super fresh dishes that are native to this area. We offer everything from single dishes to course meals and even noodles.