Kiku imo (chrysanthemum potato)

This potato variety is cultivated mainly in Yamagata City. It used to grow naturally, but full-fledged cultivation began in 1987 as the local soil was sandy and well-suited to this type of crop. The pattern of its cut section resembles the flower of the kiku (chrysanthemum), and therefore it came to be known as “kiku imo.” Pickled potatoes using miso paste or sake lees are dearly loved as local specialties.
○ Main cultivation area
Ena City (former Iwamura Town)
○ Harvest period
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Sugiyama-cho, Gifu City

Address17-2 Sugiyama-cho, Gifu City[Map
Phone Number058-262-1750
Opening Hour11:30~14:00(LO.13:30)/17:00~22:00(LO.21:00)
HolidayIrregular holidays
Parking CapacityPlease park your car at Special contract parking. (10 cars)
Access Approx. 25 minutes by car from Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway "Gifu-Kakamigahara IC"
Approx. 7 minutes by Gifu bus from JR Tokaido Main Line "Gifu station". Get off at "Gifu-shiyakusho-minamichosha-mae" and walk approx. 2 minutes.
Savor our masterpiece dish made using fresh, seasonal ingredients all related to the Kiku (chrysanthemum) flower!
Japanese restaurant "Takadahassho" serves a new dish "Kiku imo Kikugasane" in November and December in addition to their renowned pickles and tempura of Kiku imo. This ultimate dish is made from cod milt called "Kiku" in the Tohoku district, petals of Kiku flower, and Kiku imo served on a plate designed around the flower. The unique flavor and texture has gained much popularity.
Service periodFrom early November to late December
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<Messages from the Staff> We offer seasonal dishes according to the needs of religious, social and recreational events.

Iwamura-cho, Ena City

Address2833 Iwamura-cho, Ena city[Map
Phone Number0573-43-3421
H   P
Opening Hour9:00~17:00
HolidayTuesdays and Fridays
Parking Capacity85 cars
Access Approx. 15 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway "Ena IC"
Roots resembling potatoes
We offer various products of Kiku imo.
Kiku imo has long been enjoyed as a pickle or used to extract fruit sugar or alcohol from it. We developed Kiku imo rice cracker to offer our customers something storable. With Kiku imo powder making up half of its content, its light taste resembles an egg rice cracker and the texture is crispy.
Service periodAll year round
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