Aki shima sasage (bean)

This is a kind of kidney bean cultivated from long ago in farmers’ yards mainly around today’s Takayama City. In the harvest time in autumn, a beautiful purple stripe pattern emerges on the shell surface of the pea, which led to it being named “aki (autumn), shima (stripe), sasage (black-eyed pea)”. The stripe pattern generated by the daily temperature gradient of the region and ultraviolet rays turns to a solid green when boiled, which is why it is fondly also known as “yuagari bijin”, a phrase which evokes the image of a beautiful woman after taking a bath.
○ Main cultivation area
Takayama City (former Takayama City, former Nyukawa Village, former Kokufu Town), Hida City (former Furukawa Town)
○ Harvest period
Late July to October
Shops where you can eat treats, shops you can buy

Guest House Miyake-so
Ichinomiya-machi, Takayama City

Address340-1 Ichinomiya-machi, Takayama City
Phone Number0577-53-2052
Opening HourCheck in 15:00~/ Check out ~10:00
HolidayNo holidays
Parking Capacity10 cars
Access Approx. 15 minutes by car from JR Takayama Main Line "Takayama Station"
Approx. 2 minutes walk from JR Takayama Main Line "Hida-Ichinomiya Station"
Dishes with healthy "home-made Aki shima sasage"
Our menu has been developed by our landlady to promote Aki shima sasage enjoyed various ways in addition to tempura and hot pot. We use no chemical seasoning and minimum salt to bring out the natural taste. Its fine texture makes it a nice side dish or sake relish.
Service periodFrom early September to early November
Please call us to confirm and make a reservation.
Meals are offered only to those staying at our inn.
<Messages from the Staff> We wish to serve the kind of food that makes you happy.

Road Station Nanamori Kiyomi Ajisai Nanamori
Kiyomi-cho, Takayama City

Address2145 Kiyomicho-Makigahora, Takayama City[Map
Phone Number0577-68-0022
Opening Hour11:00~17:00(LO.16:30) / April to mid-November
11:00~16:00(LO.15:30) / mid-November to March
HolidayDecember 31 to January 1
Parking Capacity95 cars
Access From Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway "Hida-Kiyomi IC", take Chubu-Jukan Expressway and get off at the "Takayama-nishi IC" exit (the shop is located in front of the "Takayama-nishi IC" exit).
A flavorful side dish using locally grown "Egoma" sesame.
Certified as a traditional vegetable of Mino/Hida, "Aki shima sasage dressed with egoma sesame sauce" has been offered as one of the three key side dishes for a standard or special set meal. It is a traditional local food making use of egoma sesame produced in the area.
Service periodFrom early September to early November
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> We hope many people enjoy the local food of Hida made using local ingredients.