Hanbara kabocha (pumpkin)

It was named after the area called Hanbara in Hiyoshi-cho of Mizuho City, where it was cultivated. Around 1935, one young farmer in Hanbara began to cultivate a native variety called Aizuwase from Fukushima, and he repeatedly performed home seed-raising and eventually came up with quite different pumpkins. This small pumpkin breed has a sticky and fine texture, and is used as an offering to deities or for making cakes.
○ Main cultivation area
Mizuho City
○ Harvest period
Mid-July to mid-August
Shops where you can eat treats, shops you can buy

Ena Kawakamiya
Oi-cho, Ena City

Address2632-105 Oi-cho, Ena City[Map
Phone Number0573-20-1150
Opening Hour8:00~19:00
HolidayJanuary 1
Parking Capacity100 cars
Access Approx. 10 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway "Ena IC"
Tiny, cute "Kabocha whole pudding".
You can eat the pumpkin skin as well.
"Saika Pudding" made of whole Hanbara pumpkin including the skin. The local pumpkin is typically less fibrous but strongly viscous in texture. Availability is limited to a period from late July to mid-August. This sweets offering cool, sweet pumpkin texture are a popular mid-summer gift item.
Service periodFrom late July to mid-August
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> We deliver the warm heart of our hometown to you in our sweet items.

Kinahta Mizunami
Toki-cho, Mizunami City

Address6059 Toki-cho, Mizunami City[Map
Phone Number0572-26-8617
H   P
Opening Hour9:00~18:00
HolidayTuesdays (or following day if a national holiday falls on Tuesday)
Parking Capacity96 cars
Access Approx. 10 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway "Mizunami IC"
Approx. 7 minutes walk from a community bus "Sakuradou Kinahta Mizunami"bus stop.
"Hanbara Kabocha" produced in Mizunami reminds of us the coming of summer.
"Kinahta Mizunami" is a shop offering seasonal "safe, secure, fresh" agricultural products grown by local farmers. The harvest of Hanbara pumpkin begins in July. Around that time, impatient customers begin calling us and ask "are the pumpkins available yet?"
Service periodFrom July to August
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> Our fresh vegetables and fruits are limited in supply. Staff-recommended "Mizunami Bono pork" is also available..