Shima gobou (burdock)

This burdock variety is cultivated mainly in Shima area of Gifu City. In the Taisho period (1912-1926), it was grown with the name of “Nisai (two-year-old)," but it was changed to “Shima gobou” (burdock cultivated in Shima area) when it began to be marketed in the early Showa period (1926-). Its characteristics are its distinct flavor, the relatively short root length of about 60 cm and many lateral roots. In the local communities, it is used for “gobou meshi” (rice dish mixed with vegetables, etc).
○ Main cultivation area
Gifu City
○ Harvest period
April to early June
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Onsai Hiroba Sagiyama Shop
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Access Approx. 40 minutes by car from Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway "Gifu-Kakamigahara IC"
A strong flavor comparable to beef or chicken - spring vegetables with a crunchy texture.
Shorter than regular burdock but having more dense dietary fiber, it is characterized by its rich flavor and crunchy texture. It can be used with dishes using beef or chicken, fried or boiled dishes or kinpira dishes with sugar and soy sauce. In any dish its distinctive taste stands out.
Service periodFrom April to June
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