kiku gobou (root vegetable)

This is a type of “yama gobou,” or roots of a thistle family plant, cultivated mainly in Nakatsugawa City, also called “kiku (chrysanthemum) gobou” since its cut end resembles a chrysanthemum flower. Grown in the red soil of this area, it has a unique flavor and smell, as well as a very soft yet crispy texture. It is used for making pickles (of miso paste, soy sauce, etc), sukiyaki (beef-vegetable hot pot), and in other hot pot dishes.
○ Main cultivation area
Nakatsugawa City (former Nakatsugawa City, former Fukuoka Town)
○ Harvest period
Mid-October to mid-November
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Nakatsugawa Green Center
Tegano, Nakatsugawa City

Address340-1 Tegano, Nakatsugawa City[Map
Phone Number0573-62-4147
Opening Hour8:30~18:30(April〜September)/9:00~18:00(October〜March)
Parking Capacity70 cars
Access Approx. 5 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway "Nakatsugawa IC"
Sharp but soft texture - an autumn/winter delicacy for sukiyaki or hot pot dishes.
Kiku gobou is also called "Yama gobou" or "Azami gobou". It is used to make pickles with miso or soy sauce, or to make Kinpira or is cooked in sukiyaki or hot pot dishes in its origin areas of Ena and Nakatsugawa. Kiku gobou which has been sweetened and cooked with umami from beef and sugar/soy sauce is a specialty.
Service periodFrom October to November
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