Toukurou ginnan(ginkgo nut)

This ginkgo nut variety came from a natural ginkgo tree of about 300 years of age which was planted in the home of Toukurou Inoue, a resident of Mizuho City. The tree, however, fell down and withered due to a typhoon in 1914. This type is characterized by and highly evaluated for its relatively large size, thin shell with smooth and glossy surface, high uniformity in size and shape, good taste, and favorable storability in comparison with other varieties.
○ Main cultivation area
Hashima City, Mizuho City (former Hozumi Town)
○ Harvest period
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Wakamiya-cho, Gifu City

Address1F Makobis building, 3-24 Wakamiya-cho, Gifu City[Map
Phone Number058-265-0024
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Opening Hour17:00~22:30(L.O.21:30)
Parking CapacityNot available
Access Approx. 5 minutes walk from Gifu bus "Yanagase" bus stop
"Iri ginnan" (roasted gingko nuts) - local specialty of autumn.
We pick only fat nuts, crack their shell, soak them in salty water and then roast them for hours. Our master chef is an earnest inquirer who thinks "simple dishes cannot be cooked simply." He identifies the character of each seasonal ingredient and prepares dishes with time, effort and ingenuity.
Service periodFrom late September to late December
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<Messages from the Staff> We will promote local gingko nuts by serving a wider variety of dishes.

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"Toukurou ginnan(ginkgo nut)" is a large and about twice as heavy as general ginkgo nut and has a thin shell. After the fruit is ripe, shake the branches, remove the fruit and harvest it. After that, the pulp is taken and dried and sold.
Service periodFrom mid-October to early December
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<Messages from the Staff> We sell agricultural products harvested in the JA Gifu area with "Gifu's deliciousness all over japan" as motto.