Tokuda negi (leek)

This kind of leek is cultivated mainly in the Tokuda and Kami-injiki areas of Ginan Town. Cultivated in the favorable climate, geography and soil of this locality, it is full of offshoot strength with soft leaves of deep green color. Its taste is widely enjoyed, and it is edible from the white part and to the green leaf part, so it can be used for a variety of dishes like hot pots or as a spice.
○ Main cultivation area
Ginan Town
○ Harvest period
From late November to March
Shops where you can eat treats, shops you can buy

Japanese-style restaurant, Tokusen
Kanazono-cho, Gifu City

Address1-4 Kanazono-cho, Gifu City[Map
Phone Number058-264-1019
Opening Hour12:00~14:00 (Limited to 1 group per day for lunch) /17:30~21:00(Last entry)
Parking CapacityPlease use pay parkings nearby.
Access Approx. 7 minutes walk from Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line "Meitetsu Gifu Station"
An excellent combination of oyster and leeks.
Key dish in our course meals.
Enjoy the perfect combination of Tokuda leeks with a refreshing yet distinctive taste and flavor with oyster from Hokkaido carrying deep and rich umami. Natural "Koutake" mushroom of Ena further deepens the taste and Koshu wine adds a Western flavor to it. An exquisite dish which creates a harmony between the flavors.
Service periodFrom early October to late December
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> Our leeks are liked very much by even those who don't like leeks.

Shintai Menbo (Ramen)
Mitsuhashi, Motosu City

Address2-29 Mitsuhashi, Motosu City[Map
Phone Number058-323-1050
Opening Hour11:30~14:30/17:30~23:00
Parking Capacity22 cars
Access Approx. 5 minutes walk from Tarumi Railway "Morera-Gifu Station"
The exquisite gyoza using "Tokuda negi" made the most of the overflowing umami and created a duet of sweetness and richness of meat.
"Shintai Menbo" is a ramen shop which annually serves over 30,000 bowls of "champion miso ramen" and 130,000 pieces of "special Gifu gyouza". Only fresh local ingredients are used including Tokuda leeks. Salt-based soup brings out the flavor and enhances the taste.
Service periodAll year round (availability is seasonal)
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> "Wrap up the region!" is the theme of our gyoza which wraps up the valuable ingredients of Gifu.