Seto no takenoko (bamboo shoot)

Its main cultivation area is Nakatsugawa City. It was brought to this area about 270 years ago when a daughter of Shimazu Family (originally from Kyushu) brought with her a bamboo tree as she came over to marry into Naegi Domain based in Gifu area. The tree was planted on the side of Kiso River by the head of Seto Village at that time. The tree bred extensively due to the favorable condition of abundant sunlight and fertile red soil. The high quality bamboo shoots are cultivated in a climate conducive to fog formation and with a meticulous care given.
○ Main cultivation area
Nakatsugawa City (former Nakatsugawa City)
○ Harvest period
April to early May
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Yamatsu Shokuhin
Hanado-cho, Nakatsugawa City

Address4-7 Hanado-cho, Nakatsugawa City[Map
Phone Number0573-65-2070
Opening Hour8:00~17:00
HolidaySundays and national holidays (No holidays during December)
Parking Capacity5 cars
Access Approx. 10 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway "Nakatsugawa IC" via National Route 19 and Prefectural Route 71 (Registro road)
Approx. 10 minutes walk from JR Chuo Line "Nakatsugawa Station"
Even former haters of bamboo shoots now love it - a specialty created in Seto in Nakatsugawa.
Bamboo shoots grown in the Seto area of Nakatsugawa have less bitterness and softer texture than other kinds. We prepare bitterness-free boiled bamboo shoots while fully keeping the original flavor. It can be used in various dishes for its soft yet crunchy texture throughout the year.
Service periodAll year round
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> We also deliver our products online and also on Rakuten. Search us with "ヤマツ食品(Yamatsu shokuhin)".

Ota-machi, Nakatsugawa City

Address2-2-31 Ota-machi, Nakatsugawa City[Map
Phone Number0573-65-2075
Opening Hour11:30~(Closes as soon as soba runs out.Banquet only in the evening)
HolidayIrregular holidays
Parking CapacityPlease park your car at nearby Municipal Parking. (free of charge for 2 hours)
Access Approx. 10 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway "Nakatsugawa IC"
Approx. 1 minute walk from JR Chuo Line "Nakatsugawa Station"
We serve seasonal local products - wild vegetables in spring, sweetfish in summer, mushrooms in autumn and boar meet in winter.
Seto bamboo shoot soba bowl prepared with stone-milled fresh noodles of buckwheat grown locally in Aki and less-astringent, soft and sweet "Seto bamboo shoots". Highly fresh local ingredients enhance each other's taste.
Service periodFrom early April to late May
Please call us to confirm.
<Messages from the Staff> We can prepare dishes not on the menu upon request. Feel free to contact us.