Ayu meshi (sweetfish and rice)

Prepared by boiling whole grilled ayu with rice, this is a luxurious dish consisting of flaked ayu meat with rice filled with the taste and flavor of sweetfish. Its delicious taste is determined by the seasoning which draws out the flavor of the ayu and the method of boiling.
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Japanese-style Inn and Restaurant, Hikogawaya
Yamato-cho, Gujo City

Address278-2 Yamatocho-Tsurugi, Gujo City[Map
Phone Number0575-88-2018
Opening Hour10:00~21:00
HolidayIrregular holidays
Parking Capacity10 cars
Access Approx. 5 minutes by car from Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway "Gifu-Yamato IC"
Approx. 1 minute walk from Nagaragawa Railway "Gujo-Yamato Station"
Enjoy only the taste of ayu freshly baked with nothing else
This inn restaurant serves fresh fish caught by the manager who is also a fisherman. The sweetfish rice dish of this restaurant is prepared by grilling the fish first and then boiled with the rice. Adding no other ingredients enables one to enjoy the sweetfish to the full.
Service periodFrom early June to late November
Please call us to confirm and make a reservation.
<Messages from the Staff> Enjoy both our ayu rice and our ayu porridge. You can stay over the night and fully savor the cuisine.

Japanese-style cuisine, Uosou
Yajima-cho, Gifu City

Address1-3 Yajima-cho, Gifu City[Map
Phone Number058-262-1875
H   P
Opening Hour11:30~14:00 (Reservation Required) / 17:00〜21:00
Parking Capacity4 cars
Access Approx. 3 minutes walk from Gifu Bus "Honmachi 3chome" bus stop
The taste of autumn cooked in an earthen pot containing the taste of natural ayu.
"Uosou no ayumeshi" - developed upon request from customers - is prepared by maximizing the function of broth and through skillful adjustment of the cooking fire to draw out the taste of natural fish. Its sophisticated taste is unique to this eatery.
Service periodFrom mid-May to late October
Please call us to confirm and make a reservation.
<Messages from the Staff> Please try our "Ayu meshi" created upon request from one designer over 20 years ago.